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Lightweight, affordable, and effective, our life saving survival gear is great for backpacking, camping and emergency use and is perfect for do it yourself survival kits. Prep and Rec has the best selection of ultimate survival gear, gadgets and emergency prepared supplies. Find the top survival deals at Prep and Rec. Our emergency kits are loaded with the emergency supplies and gear, survival food and water and first aid supplies you need to survive a disaster. Thank you for shopping with Prep and Rec.

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Let us tell you some things about our products. Survival Gear consists of long shelf life food, water and water purification, shelter, medical supplies, energy source (as in solar power) fire starting, keeping warm, and various tools to help aid in all this. Tools like knives, saws, axes, hammers, flashlights and lanterns are all important as well. The key is to use lightweight, but effect hardware. Outdoor Gear consists of tents, sleeping bags, camp stoves, and tools as well. Mostly, the same as Survival Gear. If you have camping gear, you are on your way to having what you need in survival gear! Check out our Survival/Outdoor Gear and start getting your gear today!